Virtual Events

  Pre-Covid, we were one of the leading production companies providing broadcast grade livestreaming.
Now, we’re the best all-in-one virtual events solution in the world.


Introducing Forumm, our own in-house events platform.

Built From Scratch

We’re sick and tired of seeing awful platforms claiming to be “virtual events platforms” when they’re just badly modified WordPress websites or similar with plug-ins and chats embedded. Forumm is a completely custom built solution for virtual events.

Expertly Produced Video

Forumm comes with Live Suite Media, your very own professional livestreaming crew. We handle everything from speaker orientation, set-up and timetabling to professional mixing and switching of video calls, graphics and pre-recorded content.

Interactive Chat, Q&A and Polls

With built in interactive chat, Q&A and Polls, you’ll never have to rely on third party services. We’ll even take poll results and overlay them as professional graphics on your livestream if you want.


Integrated Breakout Rooms

We know how much everyone loves breakout rooms – that’s why we’ve embedded them right into our platform.

Registration, Ticketing and Payment Systems

Forumm includes a professional CRM portal allowing you to sell your tickets and manage registration and payments all within our platform.

A Limitless Experience

Forumm can be customised to your exact specifications and designs. There are no time limits, no limits on breakout rooms and no limits on capacity. Forumm is the perfect virtual events platform.

Reliability and Security where it matters

Whilst we’ve built Forumm from the ground up, we’ve only used the most high end service providers such as Google Firebase for our databases, Google Cloud for hosting and global access along with Stripe for payments and Vimeo for the best in class video streaming experience.

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