Live Events Technician

Job Type: Freelancer/Team Member – Date Posted: 10/11/2019 – Job Ref: LSM-LET02

About Us

Live Suite Media is a production company specialising in live events and broadcast based in the heart of Lancaster University. We film and stream just about everything from conferences to sports matches!
Right now, we’re looking for bright and ambitious freelancers to add to our list of contacts when we work on events which need large crews.

Job Description

The Live Events Technician role is by far the most challenging but rewarding role available at Live Suite Media! You’ll be expected to have a good understanding of every piece of kit being used during a broadcast and be able to jump right into any other role during the live broadcast from camera operator to sound engineer if another crew member is suddenly unavailable.

Your Roles

  • Setting up and operating equipment for live broadcasts and events.
  • Having a deep understanding of all equipment and software being used during an event.
  • Being able to troubleshoot and fix any issues with equipment and software quickly.
  • Monitoring the live feed and quickly rectifying any errors that occur. Interpreting and implementing instructions and requests from clients.

Required Technical Skills

  • Experience operating manual cine/ENG cameras and lenses – We use state of the art studio cameras with cine lenses, which means you’ll need to know how to pull focus on the fly.
  • Experience with front of house engineering – Sound is the other half of what we do, and with wireless mics to audience mics, you’ll need to be able to mix on a digital desk.
  • Good understanding of colour and skin tones – If you’re sat behind the CCU for an event, you’ll be responsible for matching and grading every camera being used on the fly.
  • Experience working in a live environment – Everything we do is live! There’s little to no room for error, so being able to work under immense pressure is crucial.
  • Professional talkback manner – Communication is key! We use talkback on every single production we do, so the ability to professionally convey and follow instructions is key.
  • Good understanding of live streaming – from the protocols and delivery platforms to the streaming software we use, you’ll need a good understanding of how content is delivered live.

Required Personal Skills

  • Must be able to carry at least 45lbs/20kg – Every crew member helps pack, unpack and setup and with all our equipment being in flight cases, you’ll need to be able to lift heavy loads!
  • Ability to work alone as well as in a team – The size of our crew varies from event to event, there are events where you’ll be working with just two other people and others where you’ll have to work with a crew full of people you’ve never met before.
  • Excellent attention to detail – What’s on your preview monitor is going out live, you’ll need to be able to spot anything that isn’t right and fix it.
  • Excellent tech skills – From our streaming server down to all the different cables we use, you’ll need to understand what everything does and fix anything that’s broken.
  • Awareness of all aspects of Health and Safety – Working in a crew in a live environment means looking out for yourself and others you’ll especially need to have a good understanding of electrical safety within broadcast environments.


  • Experience with Blackmagic Design Studio and Cine Cameras.
  • Experience with Blackmagic Production Switchers.
  • Experience with the Behringer X32.
  • Knowledge of the Blackmagic line of production hardware.


Salary & Terms

Due to the nature of the events industry, we’re unable to guarantee any jobs. If we need crew members for a job and we think you might be suitable, we’ll try to contact you within a few weeks before an event takes place.
Pay starts at £12.50 per hour depending on experience. For multi-day events, we may offer you a fixed contract for the duration of the event instead of an hourly rate.


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