Back End Developer

Job Type: Contact – Date Posted: 12/11/2019 – Job Ref: LSM-DEV01

Job Description

We’re looking to build a cloud based streaming platform to be used for future live events that will allow livestreams to be clipped in real time and tagged with searchable metadata such as names of subjects in a video. We’re also looking to implement some form of facial recognisition so that clients will be able to find videos that they are in by simply uploading a photo of their face. For the purposes of reliability and redudancy we are looking for this project to be completed on a cloud platform such as Azure or AWS.

Your Roles

  • Build a live streaming player which can be embedded on any website.
  • Create a clipping function to allow short clips to be saved from an ongoing live stream in real time.
  • Allow the clips produced to be tagged with metadata such as names of subjects.
  • Allow the clips to be searchable from a website using the metadata tagged in each video.

Required Technical Skills

  • Competant programming skills in a language of your choice
  • Understanding of live streaming and video processing
  • Understanding of live video codecs such as RTMP
  • Experience with cloud and web services

Required Personal Skills

  • Ability to effectively communicate progress of work to line managers regularly.
  • Ability to work remotely from a brief.
  • Provide clear documentation on all work completed to allow troubleshooting and further development in the future.


  • Experience with Azure or AWS
  • Experience with facial recognition


Salary & Terms

Pay is £8.21 + £0.99 holiday pay per hour. This contract is 140 hours.
There is an opportunity to convert this role into a full time position at the end of the contract upon succesful delivery of this project.


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