Frequently Asked Questions


Live Streaming / Broadcast: Anything shown on TV is known as a broadcast, a live broadcast being something broadcast in real time such as the news. Live Streaming is similar to a TV broadcast, however it is broadcast online to a social media platform or a website. Typically live streams to social media platforms are low quality and from a single source such as a mobile phone, Live Suite Media attempts to bridge the two together; providing TV broadcast grade production quality to your online livestream.

IMAG: IMAG stands for Image Magnification, if you’ve ever been to a large event such as a concert or football match, you’ll probably have seen big screens which have a live camera feed of a performer or player shown close up to allow the audience to see better.

AV: AV stands for Audio and Video, this refers to any audio or video equipment for an event, whether it be a microphone and speaker to a camera and TV.

Indoor / Outdoor: The location of your event, whether it’s indoors or outdoors will determine the cost and services we can provide. This is due the uncertainty of stable ground and suitable cover for equipment as well as the availability of Internet and power.

Minimum Event Fee: This is the base fee we charge for an event regardless of how long or short it is which covers the cost of our team setting up for an event.

Hourly Rate: This is the hourly rate we charge for an event which covers our running costs (Internet, Power, Streaming Service Costs and Staff Wages)

Travel Fee: This is the fee we charge to travel to the location that your event is taking place. We will always attempt to charge the absolute minimum travel fee we can to just cover the true cost of travelling to your location.


No two services we provide are ever the same so the quote we provide will likely vary for each event, however as a base price guideline, a typical live streamed event will consist of:

A minimum event fee of £500 + an hourly stream rate of £100 + a travel fee (dependant on distance travelled) and an indoor or outdoor networking cost (venue dependant).


Our head office based in the North West and our editing studio is based in the South East so it’s safe to say we’re more than happy to travel anywhere in the UK. We’re also able to travel internationally, however certain services such as live streaming and aerial services are dependant on country specific rules. Please contact us beforehand for any international queries.


We’ve taken jobs for a variety of clients, filming events, conferences, sports and even animals. Where possible, you’ll always have the option to Live Stream your event to anywhere around the world.


All we need is a stable internet connection (minimum 20 mbps upload speed and 20 mbps download speed) at the venue along with a power source. We are more than happy to visit the venue beforehand to assess the connection.